[ENG] Windjammers : Tutorial for Beginners (alternate)

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[ENG] Windjammers : Tutorial for Beginners (alternate)

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Initial Note

IMPORTANT :As indicated in the German Wiki, the negative edge can be used in the game by holding before catching the frisbee. Releasing this very button will lead to a throw when the discus is held by the character. This is relevant for any kind of super throw too.

Technical Board

Phase →
Button ↓
Regular shots / Super shots ( including Spins)
Curved / Fast shots
Super Reversal (any kind)
Dash / Toss

Lob / Super Lob

Super Lob Reversal

Key :

=  A-button

= B-button

= Push A

= Push B

= Neutral Position

= Any direction

=  Any direction (except the back ones)

=Arc or Semicircle (in any direction)

I) Offense
This first part will be dedicated to offensive phases. For any defensive matter, please refer to the second part

- Regular shots

The act of throwing the discus is made simply by pushing . Each character throws the frisbee with a different power and it is not possible to hold the discus indefinitely, due to the game's automatic throw. The frisbee can be thrown in any direction, however the use of both back diagonals( and ) is not recommended, because the speed and the path of the discus will not trick the opponent. Slanted shots ( or + ) are more effective near the net whereas the top and bottom paths  ( or + ) have to be used with the aim of finding bounces especially on the wider field.

- Fast shots ("Super Sonic Shoot")

Fast shots or super sonic shots are a variant of regular shots, which allow to balance the slow throwing speed of some character. The super sonic shot is triggered by pushing as soon as you catch the discus, the faster you can. The game grants you a fast shot at the service if you bear a large deficit without scoring during an ongoing set (00-08 as an example). The tendancy to execute fast shots varies tremendously from a character to another.

- Curved shots

Despite using the same inputs ( + ), we get different results  depending on the character.

When regular shots draw straight paths, spins allow the discus to adopt a more or less curved path with the purpose of misleading the opponent. Curved shot are made by executing an arc or semicircle + starting with any direction. It should be noted that curved shot may be thrown in super sonic shot

- Vertical Throw (Lob)

When the width and the length are handled with directions and , the height management comes down to (the negative edge may be applied to this button too).The lob allows diverse and numerous things : break the rhythm, push an opponent back when he's too close of the net or, quite the opposite, make him leave his baseline. The 8 directions may be used to throw the disc where you want. The quicker the throw will be made, the farther the discus will land on the opponent court.The closer to the triggering of the automatic throw the shot will be made, the nearest of the net the discus will land ( still on the opponent side, as a drop shot).

- Super throws

Side Note : You need to block the discus and charge the super shot directly under it before being able to throw a super shot

There are  three kinds of different super shots as specified below. For your information, super shots are the only offensive moves, which allow to score by pushing the opponent in his endzone.

a) Super Custom

Proper to each character, the super custom is triggered by pushing after charging it up earlier. The path could be modified by adding a direction like   or

b) Super Spin

The Super Spin is triggered like a normal curved shot (arc or semicircle +  ). You still have to charge up the super shot before. The path change tremendously depending on the inputs.

c) Hammer Throw

The Super Lob also called Hammer Throw is very efficient for punishing an opponent to close to the net. Combining or with allows to choose the corner where you want to throw the discus. You have to know that if you delay the triggering of this move, the Frisbee will roll on his edge heading for the endzone.


Initial Note

IMPORTANT : The negative edge can be used in a defensive phase too ( for example, to make a dash ). It is possible to defend even with a very distant position ( far from the net ) as long as the opponent throws regular / curved or fast shots . Regarding super custom / super spin / super lob, position yourself in front of your goal line or you will be subject to be knocked in your own endzone with the discus.

II) Defense

The second part of this tutorial will be dedicated to defensive phases, namely all phases in which your character don't hold the discus in his hands.

Dash ( or slide)

In order to dash (a) with your character, you have to hold a direction and push . The dash is possible to make in the 8 directions of your joystick. There is a variant of this move called long slide (b), which involve holding at the end of the regular dash. You have to be careful with this move because it is impossible to change the path of the character when triggered. Finally, the dash can come after a toss without charging a super shot to perform a diving catch. You need to dash in the desired direction when the discus fall back. This move allows to overcome the impossibility to move once the discus reached your hands. It allows to moves forward or simply up and down. The diving catch is more efficient when the character slide further.


To toss the discus up in the air, you need to push at the very moment where the discus is coming (a). The character will block the Frisbee, which will be launched vertically. The odds to charge a super shot straight (b) depend on the character and the proximity of the discus with the hitbox from the character during the triggering of the move. The toss could be used for simply move forward before grabbing the Frisbee without charging any super shot. (c)

Super Shot Reversal

Similar to super shots,  there is three kinds of reversal

a) Super Custom Reversal

Allows to throw back your opponent's Super Custom. Press when the super shot collides your character's hitbox.

b) Super Spin Reversal

The Super Spin Reversal is made by combining arcs of circles (two directions like   may be enough) with , this reverse shot can  return equally a super custom, another super spin or a super lob  

c) Hammer Throw Reversal

Only reversal made by pushing . It requires a perfect timing for not throwing a regular lob instead. It can also be made with if the opponent threw a Super Lob just before. The up and down directions can be used to direct the discus in the matching corner. This reversal returns every kind of super shot too from the custom to the super spin including the hammer throw

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